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32 bit Cortex-M0 with 256 KB Flash, 32KB RAM, and Bluetooth LE radio

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How to buy OSHChips

OSHChip is planning to have an online store front but it has not been setup yet. Until then, sales enquiries can be sent to philip@oshchip.org

Typical Orders

Typically you will buy one or more OSHChips V1.0 and one OSHChip_CMSIS_DAP V1.0 programmer/debugger (if you don’t already have one).

Each OSHChip_CMSIS_DAP V1.0 programmer/debugger comes with an SWD programming cable, which is a 10 wire ribbon cable with a 0.050” pitch 2 by 5 pin female keyed IDC connector at each end, and an SWD 2x5 to 2x2 Adapter designed specifically for OSHChip V1.0.

The OSHChip_CMSIS_DAP V1.0 programmer/debugger connects to your computer via a USB cable that has a Mini-B plug at the OSHChip_CMSIS_DAP end. The USB cable is not supplied by OSHChip.


SWD Ribbon Cable

SWD 2x5 to 2x2 Adapter


Item Price in USD
OSHChip V1.0 $25.00
OSHChip_CMSIS_DAP V1.0 (including cable and adapter) $35.00
Shipping & Handling USA $7.00
Shipping & Handling International $14.00 - $35.00

USA Shipping & Handling rates are fixed for orders up to $500. For larger orders, shipping will be charged at our cost, and will require your approval for your order to be processed.

International Shipping & Handling rates depends on country and shipping service selected

Californian orders will have 8.75% sales tax added.